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Choices to accommodate a large variety of tastes

We have various buffet catering selections, including Western style, Chinese style, Asian style or any cuisines you request. These buffet catering HK menus are designed for groups of 20 people or above. If you have less than 20 people, you are welcomed to select from our a-la-carte menu. It is divided into categories of salad, appetizer, sandwich/bakery, snacks, hot dishes, dessert, and drinks. We may even be able to provide tailor-made dishes that are not listed on our menus! From vegetarian, vegan, pescatarians, to religious dietary requests, to gluten-free, just tell us your requests and we can help prepare the right menu for you!

We have a lot of experience when it comes to serving buffet catering in Hong Kong, such as cocktails, canapes, light refreshments or even business lunch boxes, to various corporations, SME or other organizations throughout the years. We can advise on the best possible options based on your budget and requests.

Mix and match, depending on the occasion

Let us give you some basic information about organizing a buffet catering. Our carefully-designed buffet catering HK packages usually consists of appetizer, salad, hot main dish, carbs (pasta, rice, potato, etc) and dessert. You can also top it up with soup, carving station, coffee & tea, cheese, etc. We can set up a full buffet catering setup just like what you see at hotel restaurant buffets. Simply put, we have the right equipment to keep the cold food staying cold and hot food staying hot. We can also offer more personalization in terms of food selections, time of event, waiter service and location. We can give suggestions on the food item selection, food quantity needed, the proper equipment or utensil needed for the occasion, the waiter service and the delivery arrangement.

We have feedback from our customers saying that holding a successful buffet catering or other similar events, definitely helps strengthen their company image, or even helps bring in more new businesses. In some other cases, our customers use regular internal team buffets as a team treat or for team building.

Wedding catering in Hong Kong

In recent years, there is a trend to host a wedding party in a more western style rather than the traditional Chinese style. The venue of such events is no longer limited to Chinese restaurants or hotels, but extends to various venues or locations such as beach, lawn, park, museum, schools, church, or even factory building with special themes! If you also have plans on hosting your wedding at the above special locations, our experience in providing wedding catering service can surely help. We are specialists in wedding catering, and we have been serving our customers for more than 30 years!

There are many advantages from hosting your special day at the special locations. For example, a beach or lawn in the natural environment can give you a unique ambiance that no restaurant or hotel can compare. You can tailor your very own theme or format without the limitation of the traditional venues. The expenses could be similar to traditional wedding banquets if not cheaper! Therefore, we can see a rising number of brides and grooms choosing to hire us for their wedding catering in Hong Kong!

Let us know what you have in mind

Please contact us to discuss your plan. From food, drinks, utensils to tables and chairs, our experienced staff can help you arrange a memorable and unique wedding catering event. The style varies from casual refreshment/cocktail style, with canapes, snacks and drinks passing around by waiters; to a self-served food and drinks station with quality finger food and platters; to formal sit-down banquet style 4-course meals. There must be one that fits your needs and budget. Let us handle the stressful part of organizing the food arrangement and allow yourself more precious time to enjoy the occasion with your friends and relatives.

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