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Why catering equipment and utensil rental?

We are throwing a lot of rubbish every day. Our landfills will be exhausted very soon if we keep the current rate of disposing waste. A part of it are the disposables we used at food take-away and food delivery. We are sure many of you have heard of the 3 “R”s on how to reduce the amount of waste. They are “Reduce”, “Reuse” and “Recycle”. Our catering utensil rental service is addressing the first two ideas spot on.

If you want to reduce using disposable cutleries, plates, bowls, cups, etc, catering equipment rental is a very good idea for your next event. Besides the environmental benefits, it makes an event look more stylish and proper when using reusable utensils. Imagine if there is a company event, what would your clients think if they are having wines in single-use plastic cups instead of proper wine glasses? The whole ambiance created by a catering event can lead to a huge difference between impressive and disastrous.

Reducing single-use disposables is also becoming a popular issue on social media. The government, schools and universities, NGOs already started reducing single-use plastics and becoming a trend. Therefore, using reusable utensils or going with catering utensil rentals can surely help boost your company image from a CSR perspective. That makes it a win-win situation for the environment, your company or even your company’s investors.

Save Costs Through Catering Utensil Rental

Another benefit of using our catering equipment rental service is cost saving. For example, an event with 100 guests, from tableware to table and chair, the equipment needed could add up to around 800 to 1200 pieces depending on the type of service you are planning. Buying all this equipment can cost quite a large sum of money and takes a lot of time to source them. Then you will also have to arrange the logistics and wait for a certain period before the equipment arrives. Then you have to unpack and wash them before use. All these can add up to a lot of chaos if you have detailed plans on it.

Furthermore, there are even more issues to consider after you use the catering equipment, such as dishwashing, storage, logistics, manpower, maintenance, etc. By using our catering utensil rental service, you can keep your focus on the event itself and avoid many of the above problems.

Our experience in catering equipment rentals

We are very well experienced in arranging various kinds and sizes of catering events. Therefore, we know what an event needs in terms of cutlery, equipment, tables and chairs, etc. We welcome all kinds of corporations, companies and organizations renting our full range of equipment and utensils. We may be even able to give you some professional suggestions or advice after knowing your requirements.

Our delivery team is also very well experienced. The equipment is packed well and safely. We can deliver to almost any location in Hong Kong.

After every rental, we can arrange the necessary manpower and equipment to collect all the rental items, clean them at our own facility and carry out regular maintenance. All these preparation work is to make sure we can provide reliable and clean catering utensil rental for our Hong Kong clients.

With over 40,000 pieces of equipment and utensils in stock

We have everything you will need, including chinaware, glassware, cutlery, melamine utensils, bar equipment, buffet equipment, and even tables, banquet chairs, folding chairs, table cloth, table skirt, etc. We have large storage space to store all our equipment and utensils. Our stock can surely fit all different kinds and sizes of catering events such as buffet, tea party, cocktail party and so on. The full list is too long to put into our website. Please give us a call for any catering equipment rental enquiries, and there will surely be something that suits you!

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