We strive to do our part, starting from the smallest,
most basic things in our catering services

Catering service is not just about food and beverage. Staff, equipment, logistics, time arrangement all add up to a successful catering event. With over 30 years’ experience in catering in Hong Kong, we know how to deliver a successful event without any hassle.

Professional Catering Services in Hong Kong

Since 1990, we have been providing both private and corporate catering in Hong Kong to all kinds of private clients, government departments and multinational corporations for an array of different settings or special occasions, including private parties, gatherings, company opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, international seminars, business lunch boxes and all types of business catering in HK.

With the kind support of our private and corporate catering clients, our company has expanded in scale substantially since our establishment. In response to the diverse and changing needs of our clients, we have also expanded the service scopes of our business in recent years. Perhaps the numbers below can give you an idea of our business:

– We have the experience of preparing corporate catering for 1,000 people.
– We currently prepare lunch and corporate catering in Hong Kong for 1,400 office staff on a daily basis.
– All our fresh and delicious catering service HK food comes directly from our 10,000 square feet combined area of office, kitchen and storage preparation areas.
– We have more than 40,000 pieces of catering equipment ready for rental.

As our business motto, we always strive to do our part by starting from the smallest, most basic details.

Our HK Catering Business

Over the years, our catering HK business has evolved into 3 main categories, namely professional catering in Hong Kong for both corporate and private clients; daily lunch to offices; as well as equipment rental.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that disposable cutlery and plates are not the best thing for the environment. However, there are always some corporate event catering or business catering HK settings that makes them unavoidable. That is why we have switched our strategy to minimizing the impact on the environment, by changing all our disposable catering supplies to those that are made from wood, bargasses or other environmentally-friendly materials.
We fully understand that food and catering service materials all come at a cost to the environment. So, we have begun our efforts to start sourcing substantial components of our food and associated products from sustainable suppliers.
We understand that we can always do more to protect the environment, and our catering service in HK is firmly committed to exploring new, long term environmentally-friendly business practices going forward.

Our Catering Services in Hong Kong

Catering HK - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you support online payment?

A: Any one knows that catering service in HK can involve a lot of variables, therefore we would like to communicate well with our customers before rushing to collect payment. We try to avoid unnecessary refunds or any communication issues along the way.

Q: How can place an order online?

A: For all private or corporate catering in Hong Kong, you can place your order directly on our website, or you can also order through our hotline (2870 0535), email ( or WhatsApp (9132 7130). When we have received your catering HK order, we will review and contact you as soon as possible. The payment method and follow-up reminders will be sent too.

Q: Can I change the details of my catering HK order after placing the order?

A: Please contact us through our hotline (2870 0535), email ( or WhatsApp (9132 7130).

Q: How to calculate the amount of food needed?

A: There are many variables involved when determining the amount of food needed, e.g. the food combination, customer request, serving time, occasion, etc. We can help provide suggestions, such as for corporate catering, on how to better gauge the quantity of food needed after discussing with you.

Q: How is the food delivered? Is disposable cutlery included?

A: The most basic form of food delivery is by disposable aluminium foil or plastic tray. The food will be kept warm (or cold) in insulated containers, depending on the situation. Disposable cutlery and paper napkins are included.
If you are looking specifically for utensil rentals, please put a remark when you order asking for a quotation.

Q: Are the menus and/or equipment list a complete list from your company? Can I have a tailor-made menu instead?

A: Of course we can! Please contact our catering service Hong Kong team if you have any special requests, be it a cuisine that you want to try, or perhaps a special menu based on any allergies and/or religious requirements.
We have plenty of equipment and utensils in our storage. The list on our website is far from our full list. Please contact us for any items that you need.

Q: What happens if there are missing or broken items after the rental?

A: For every rental order, there is a damage deposit collected beforehand (amount depends on the items ordered). This amount will be returned to the customer within 2 weeks after the event is completed, if there are no damages or missing items.
After we have come and collect the equipment/utensils at the agreed time, we will check the conditions of the items after we clean the equipment/utensils at our facility. If there are any broken or missing items, we will deduct the agreed amount from the damage deposit accordingly.

Q: How to determine whether I should pay a single or return trip delivery fee?

A: We will charge a single trip fee for aluminium foil tray deliveries. For food delivery with equipment or equipment rental orders, we will charge a return trip fee as well. The fee amount is subject to our final quotation.

Q: Any restrictions on delivery date, time and location?

A: We can conduct delivery from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6:30pm. We are off on Sundays & Public Holidays. If you meet the minimum order amount or paying an extra service charge, we can also arrange delivery on Sundays & Public Holidays.
Delivery fees: Equipment & catering: Hong Kong, Shek O, Kowloon, New Territory & Tung Chung. Extra charge may apply for delivery to remote locations, by staircase/dirt path/beach, far away from unloading location or venues inaccessible by trolleys. Any fees and amounts are subject to our final catering service HK quotation.

Q: If we would like to place an order for corporate event catering, can your company arrange a site visit?

A: Depending on the specifics of your business catering HK order and amount, we can arrange our experienced catering HK staff to have a site visit. We have given professional advice to many business catering HK clients and the results so far are highly appreciated.

Q: Do you have any photos of your food and equipment?

A: Since we have a large variety of food and equipment on offer, we cannot possibly put all the photos on the website just yet. However, you are most welcome to contact our catering Hong Kong staff for any photos you are looking for.

Catering HK Clients We Have Served

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