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Professional Catering Service in Hong Kong

Since 1990, we have been providing both private and corporate catering service in Hong Kong (HK) to all kinds of private clients, government departments and multinational corporations for an array of different settings or special occasions, including private parties, gatherings, company opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, international seminars, and all types of business catering in HK.

With the kind support of our catering HK clients, our company has expanded in scale substantially since our establishment. In response to the diverse needs of our clients, we have also expanded the service areas of our business in recent years. Perhaps a few milestones and numbers below may help provide an overview of our business:

  • We had the experience of preparing catering services to 1000 people.
  • We currently prepare lunch for 1,400 office workers daily.
  • All the fresh and delicious food comes from our 10,000 square feet combined area of office, kitchen and storage area.
  • We have more than 40,000 pieces of catering equipment for rental.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Our Catering HK Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of our business mottos, we strive to do our part starting from the smallest, most basic things.

We understand that disposable cutlery and plates are not the best thing for the environment, however there are always some corporate event catering or business setting that makes them unavoidable. That’s why we have switched our strategy to minimize the impact on the environment, by changing all our disposable catering supplies to wood, bargasses or other materials.

We fully understand that food and catering service HK materials all come at a cost to the environment. So, we have begun our efforts to start sourcing substantial components of our food and associated products from sustainable suppliers.

We understand that we can always do more to protect the environment, and we are firmly committed to exploring new, long term environmentally-friendly business practices going forward.

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